The Organization


  • Horace Dukes, Chief Executive Officer & President – DUKES Foundation
  • Evelyn Coats, Attorney at Law, The Coats Law Group
  • Gerald Dupree, Jr., President of Special Casualty Property, Hallmark Insurance
  • Dr. Zwadie Marshall, MD, MBA
  • Dr. Richard Morgan, R.Ph. Piedmont Hospital Pharmacy Management (Former)
  • Mr. Jamerian Myles, B.A., Owner/Operator, Chick Fil A, Glenwood Place
  • Michael Riggs, Senior Vice President, American Family Insurance
  • Jose Thompson, Chief Executive Officer, Erotser, Inc.


  • Gregory Bailey, Director of Social Services, Literacy Action, Inc.
  • Clayton Bell, B.S., M.S., Chief Executive Officer, International System Strategies, Inc.
  • Dr. Kathleen Hall, Chief Executive Officer, The Stress Institute
  • Frank McCullough, General Manager, Mezlan Shoes, Phipps Plaza, Atlanta
  • Pat Quinn, Retired, Airline Executive
  • Dr. Kimberly Rosenberg, Grant/Director of Education
  • Jose Thompson, Chief Executive Officer, Erotser, Inc.
  • Don Weston, Loss Preventions Operations Manager, Ford Motor Credit Company
  • Dr. Carole G. Williams, C.F.S.P., Carl F. Williams Funeral Directors, Inc.


  • Prentice Alexander. C.P.A., Chief Accounting Officer
  • The Rev, Dr. William E. Flippin, Sr., B.A., M.Div., D.Min. Chairman of Religious Affairs
  • Tuqwan Jordan, B.A., Director of Public Relations
  • Richard Lundy, Co-Advisor, South Atlanta Chapter
  • Julian Mapp, Co-Advisor, South Atlanta Chapter

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